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Fairhope Booster Club

The Fairhope Pirate Booster Club is an all-inclusive sports entity comprised of community parents, businesses, city government and citizens of fairhope, providing financial and administrative support to the Fairhope Pirates Sports programs. Over the years, the booster club has provided funds in excess of $1 million to the betterment of Fairhope Public School’s sports teams. Recently, we have completed the addition of a $500,000 indoor sports complex location on the Fairhope High School campus.

Booster Club Membership

The Booster Club has several Membership options. View the attached Booster Club Membership Form for details..... Click Below for Booster Club form to Mail Payment.

The most popular is the Booster Club ALL SPORTS PASS. It includes (1) All Sports Pass valid for all home athletic events (Except play-offs).

Free admission accompanies your purchase of the ALL-Sport for all 11 sports at both Fairhope High School and Fairhope Middle School.

It also includes Free Parking at home games, and a Pirate Proud car decal....... all for a $150!

NOTE: Youth Passes are for Students in 6th Grade or UNDER

Membership Options
Enter your EMAIL Address

Or Pay by VENMO


NOTE | If you want to receive your ALL SPORTS PASS via mail, you MUST enter your mailing address & email address [and, place your order by August 10, 2022]. If you only enter your EMAIL ADDRESS [or place your order after August 10, 2022] then you will be notified of a means of how to pick up your ALL-SPORTS PASS. Any Questions email [email protected] Membership Director. See Contact information below...

2022 - 2023 Officers / Managers

President: Peyton Rogers

Vice President: Andy Wilcoxon

Secretary: Jennifer McDowell

Treasurer: Hagan Anderson

Membership: Teal Creel

School Liaison: Josh Howell Manger: Desmond Joiner

Corporate Sponsorship: Desmond Joiner

Concessions Manager: Misty Seay

Pirate Closet Manager: Stephanie Reeves